Linen Business Cards

Linen Business Cards

Well-designed business cards are an absolute necessity to any real-world marketing strategy of any scale. Make them pop with a bit of color, but keep them professional. Keep a stack of business cards in your front pocket and make it a reflex to hand them to new acquaintances or prospected clients— it just may be the only way they remember you!

Linen business cards are premium quality business cards that are printed on linen cardstock. This material gives the card a unique and elegant texture that's slightly grainy to the touch, resembling the look and feel of a finely woven cloth. They are ideal for individuals and companies looking for a distinctive and professional image. The surface of linen business cards is perfect for printing, it takes colors very well and is an excellent option for intricate designs. It's also compatible with a variety of finishes, including foil stamping and embossing. Linen business cards can stand out in the crowd because of their texture and are durable as well.

Linen Business Cards:

  • Measure 3.5"x2"
  • 14pt or thick 16pt paperstock
  • Gloss or matte finish
  • Print on one or both slides

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