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Doorhanger Printing


It is our pleasure to inform you that you can end your search for customizable door hangers right here, as we have a large array of options that are sure to meet your specific requirements.

Ensure that they are distributed strategically at various locations in your target area, and witness how significantly they can contribute to generating valuable leads for your company when they are distributed strategically at a variety of homes or businesses.

Printed door hangers are promotional or informational materials that are designed to be hung from door handles. They are typically used for marketing or advertising purposes by businesses and organizations. They can include text, graphics, or images that communicate a message to potential customers or visitors. Common uses of printed door hangers include hotel 'do not disturb' signs, real estate advertising, restaurant promotions, and local business advertisements. They are an effective and affordable marketing tool because they ensure the message reaches a target audience in a specific location.

Doorhanger Printing:

  • Available in 4.25"x11"
  • 14pt or thick 16pt paperstock
  • Gloss finish
  • Print on one or both slides

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